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What To Look For In The Perfect Pair Of Maternity Jeans

maternity jeans

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time. However, many mums-to-be find that with all the changes going on in their lives, the last thing they feel like doing is putting a pair of jeans on and leaving the house. 

If the thought of wearing anything but your favourite pair of leggings or tracksuit pants fills you (and your growing bump) with dread, we highly recommend you check out Soon Maternity’s wide range of maternity jeans. Our line includes high-quality pieces in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colours. 

Maternity denim jeans aren’t like regular jeans. They provide you with the support you need to continue going about your busy life while progressing through the many exciting stages of pregnancy. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of pregnancy jeans — look no further. Soon Maternity has you covered.

What Are Maternity Jeans?

Maternity jeans are pants that are specially designed to provide mums-to-be with a comfy yet stylish clothing option — perfect for a trip to the shops or a lunch spent catching up with friends.

These jeans are designed to grow with you, meaning you don’t have to invest in a new pair of pants every trimester. Maternity jeans tend to come in two distinct categories — underbelly and overbelly.

Underbelly maternity jeans are similar to a classic low-rise pair of pants. They’re ideal for those who are used to this type of cut and are looking to purchase a pair of jeans they’ll also be able to wear post-birth.

Overbelly jeans, on the other hand, come with a belly waistband, which is a wide cut of fabric designed to hug your growing stomach and provide just a little bit of extra support. The band itself sits neatly against the stomach and simply appears to be another layer of clothing. Many mums also find overbelly jeans or high-waisted maternity jeans to be particularly comfortable in the post-partum period. 

How Are Maternity Jeans Different To Regular Jeans?

Many expectant mums fall into the trap of simply purchasing their regular style and brand of jeans in a bigger size to accommodate their growing belly. We don’t recommend this approach for a few reasons.

To start with, you’ll likely find that the jeans don’t fit particularly well. They may be wide enough to hug your stomach but the cut of the legs is likely to be far too bulky and unwieldy.

In addition, the waistband of a regular pair of jeans has a limited capacity to increase in size. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you are adding to a growing family, there is no way of knowing how big your belly will eventually be. Maternity denim jeans provide excellent value for money and security that you have a pair of go-to pants that will grow as you do. 

Maternity jeans are specifically designed to provide expectant mothers with comfort and confidence — two things you certainly deserve.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Maternity Jeans

There are many different types of maternity jeans on the market. Here at Soon Maternity, we pride ourselves on providing as broad a range of styles as possible and are passionate about ensuring each and every one of our customers finds a pair of maternity jeans that makes them feel both comfortable and fashionable.

When shopping for a pair of maternity jeans, consider the following factors:


As mentioned, maternity jeans come in two main cuts — underbelly and overbelly. However, this only refers to the waist. Much like regular jeans, maternity jeans can also be purchased in many different leg styles, including skinny, slim straight, stretch, shorts, and even overalls.

We often recommend expectant mothers go for the cut they are most used to for maximum comfort, whether that’s our Overbelly Slim Straight Jeans or Heaven Overbelly Skinny Jeans.  


As a mum-to-be, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time to spend picking your outfit for the day. Most likely, you want a handful of staple items that you return to again and again — like a trusty pair of blue jeans.

Soon Maternity’s line of maternity jeans covers a broad range of colours, including black, indigo, faded blue, and sky blue. They’ll pair well with any colour top to provide a simple, stylish, and cohesive outfit you can wear all week.

For a classic blue jean look, we recommend checking out our Mid Rise Slim Straight Denim Pants. Those who prefer the style and convenience of a black pair of jeans may prefer the Heaven Underbelly Skinny Jeans.  


Ideally, your maternity jeans will be comfortable enough to wear long after your pregnancy. Unfortunately, many mums find this is simply not the case. Perhaps the jeans have stretched far too much to be worn again or simply look tired and faded.

Soon Maternity is passionate about providing our customers with durable, long-lasting clothes that can be worn during pregnancy, throughout post-partum, and beyond. 

Soon Maternity — Your One-Stop-Shop For Maternity Jeans

As a leading supplier of maternity jeans in Australia, Soon Maternity understands what expectant mothers are looking for in a pair of jeans — style, comfort, and durability. We’re proud of our comprehensive line of maternity denim jeans and are driven to help mums-to-be feel their best.

Contact our friendly customer service team today with any questions or queries you have about maternity jeans or any of our other products.

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