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Maternity work pants and how to style them

Maternity work pants and how to style them

A guide to maternity work pants and how to style them

Whether you're a first-time mum or expanding your family, being pregnant is a time of incredible changes across every aspect of your life. You might not think about it much when you're pregnant because of everything else going on, but believe it or not, style can make a big difference in how you feel throughout this wild ride. 

One thing that can be tricky is finding clothes that are comfy and stylish for your changing body shape. The funny thing is, we're often so busy searching for jeans, dresses, and tops that we forget about workwear. And hey, we spend about 8 hours a day at the office! 

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about dressing for work while pregnant and how to rock a stylish outfit with one key piece: maternity work pants.

Do I really need maternity pants for work?

Some mamas may question the need for maternity work pants altogether, assuming that they can simply size up in regular pants or rely on belly bands or extenders. While it’s true these can work temporarily, they don’t provide the same level of comfort and support as specifically designed maternity work pants, especially when you have a bigger bump. Trust us, the 4pm bloat is very real and instead of concentrating on your work you’ll be worrying about how to sneakily undo your zipper without getting strange looks from your co-workers. 

What pants are best for work when pregnant?

Historically maternity work pants either didn’t exist for mamas or were incredibly unflattering. Thanks to brands like Soon, maternity fashion has come a long way, and there are some amazing styles that will have you feeling like yourself, albeit with a beautiful bump! Maternity work pants are specifically designed for your changing shape during pregnancy while keeping you feeling comfortable and supported throughout the day. Great maternity work pants have you looking fabulous too! 

How are maternity work pants different from regular work pants?

The best pants for pregnancy are those that have a belly band that expands with you and can sit over or under your bump depending on the style.They’ll also have more give around the hips and a stretch to accommodate any additional weight gain or fluid retention, which is all perfectly normal for a healthy pregnancy. 

When should I start wearing maternity work pants?

One of the first questions we hear at Mama Style is “when should I start wearing maternity work pants?” The answer is a big old “it depends”. 

Some mamas prefer to wait a while before they tell their workplace about their pregnancy. If this sounds like you, then you could get by for as long as you need by wearing slim fitting maternity pants, like the Dream Skinny Pants from Soon Maternity with a slightly baggier top or shirt. These pants have a band that can be folded under your belly, which is why they’re also a great choice if you’re not showing yet, but your regular pants are starting to feel a little uncomfortable. 

Once you’re ready to start showing off your bump, a straight leg pant with a tighter fitting top that shows off your curves is a great way to look on trend. The Classic Straight Work Pant is a great piece that can be paired with any top and look fab. It also has inbuilt elastic inserts that can be adjusted depending on your bump size so you can wear them from early on too. 

How to style maternity work pants

A black pant is a great foundational wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down in many ways. Why not plan your pregnancy wardrobe ahead of time using black maternity work pants as a base? There are heaps of maternity outfits online to inspire you when it comes to accessories, tops and coats to elevate your workwear look. 

Here are three ways to dress your black maternity pants to elevate your style:

  1. For a polished look, pair a long sleeved black top with a fitted blazer with red low heels and a red lip
  2. For a smart casual look, go with an oversized white tee and a grey blazer with silver accessories and a pair of crisp white sneakers
  3. For a desk to dinner look,  add a caramel silk coloured shirt worn untucked, black mules and a tailored camel coat with gold accessories for an elevated but simple look. 

Whatever stage you’re at in your pregnancy journey, embrace this special time in your life. Have fun with clothing that helps you retain your style identity, feel comfortable and ready to take on the challenges of work, life and pregnancy. You’ve got this mama.

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