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Our winter range has started dropping in store so we had a chat to our Designer/Director, Miso, about what this collection means to her, the direction she sees for the brand as a whole, and most importantly, how she think it is relevant to the modern mother.

Q. Tell us a little about the philosophy behind Soon Maternity?

We really just wanted to design something that we actually want to wear! There are so many brands out there designing maternity clothes that are purely functional or commercial but when you put a range together from a purely commercial aspect it quickly becomes boring and you’ll find everyone is producing the same thing! We like to design garments that are also on trend outside of the maternity industry and do not compromise style. Pregnant women do not have to always wear stripe tees and leggings!

Q. What are your values as a woman in the business of fashion?

I have been designing maternity clothes since I was single and now I have a three-year-old son and I am expecting my 2nd child! It’s a journey that is so specific to women and I really resonate with our customer’s everyday needs. I feel extremely lucky to share this journey and my experience as a woman and as a mother. It really helps me to create better designs!

Q. What is the concept behind the AW17 collection and how do you think it is relevant to the modern day mum-to-be?

Our AW17 collection juxtaposes the timeless classics and modern maternity dressing. Structured silhouettes are heavily featured with purposeful design lines such as bell sleeves, high necklines, and cut out details. All of this comes together in a very beautiful and romantic way but it still has such a modern vibe, hence the collection name, Modern Romantics.

We still have the essentials for every day maternity dressing such as comfortable and well-fitted maternity jeans, professional work shirts and trousers, and comfortable weekend basics, but with every design included, we really put extra thought into whether it is a piece we would want to wear ourselves pre-pregnancy and continue to wear post-pregnancy.

We've also put even more focus on occasion dressing because young women start to have an increasing number of social occasions such as weddings and baby showers, and expecting mums are no exception to this, but there seems to be such a gap in the maternity market for modern and stylish evening wear! We really just want the modern day Mum-To-Be to be able to continue dressing for their personal style while having all the comforts of maternity dressing!

Q. How important is considering your customer when you design?

As mentioned, there are so many special occasions to attend at this stage of your life, and customers often say they have absolutely nothing to wear because they can’t pull from their regular wardrobe. Pregnancy is a new experience for a lot of the women we see, and it doesn't necessarily get easier the second or third time; we all have to dress everyday within the limits of our budget. "It is only 9 months, I don't want to spend too much", this is a phrase we hear all the time and we make sure to factor this in by keeping the price as low as possible and also making sure those special occasion pieces and high value items are well-made and still suitable for wear post-pregnancy.

Q. What are some specific design details you consider when you design for the Soon Mum?

Our customer comes in uncertain about sizing so we take care to design considering the body shape changes you go through during pregnancy so that our customer does not have to go up a size - your actual bone and muscle structure doesn’t necessarily change, you just pop out in different places than what your used to!

We use design details such as stretch material to allow for extra weight around the body and ruching around the belly for even more room. Most of our jeans are low-wasited to sit below the bump but we ensure the back rise is a little higher for extra coverage. We always try and make the waistband in a soft elastic to give you a secure feeling without any zips or buttons pressing on your belly. It is truly magic how much of a difference maternity clothes make compared to normal clothes when it comes to comfort!

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