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It's still early days in my pregnancy but I've definitely 'popped' out sooner rather than later!
I'm currently 15 weeks and measuring close to 18-19 weeks due to having twins! So the need to comfy clothes is a priority!

I'll be honest, it's definitely been a struggle for me to find clothes that represent my style and comfy enough for me to wear.
So when Zoe from Soon Maternity contacted me I was over the moon! It's been so hard to find any maternity clothes that I actually love wearing.

I'm not the typical jeans & tee girl, I love my drop crutch tapered pants, mid length dresses and leather pants but for these colder months jeans are
definitely going to be my staple piece because let's be honest, its hard to find good tight leather pants with an elastic waist rather than button up.

Most maternity jeans I've seen all have the typical jegging look, something I really dislike.
Soon Maternity's Blaze Denim jeans are actual jeans - so amazingly comfortable and no sign of the jegging look!
The Skyler Blazer in Black is something I'll keep forever after my pregnancy.
Any black jacket with a the structured shoulder and waterfall collar is a winner in my eyes -
I am confessing to owning over 10 black structured jackets, I am little obsessed!

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