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Maternity Dresses Style Guide For Winter

Maternity Dress

Winter is here. It's time to spruce up your pregnancy wardrobe if you're expecting a new addition to the family this season. During the colder months, you should find clothes that will keep you and your bump feeling comfortable while still looking gorgeous. Not to mention, your clothes need to be adaptable to colder weather and layering options. Soon Maternity has compiled a style guide to our favourite winter maternity dresses for the colder months.

Anyone who has tried to dress themselves while pregnant knows how difficult it can be. It's difficult to find comfortable clothing that will last you through pregnancy because your body changes so quickly. Maternity fashion does not mean that you have to give up your sense of style for the duration of your pregnancy.

Dresses from Soon Maternity are your pregnancy staples - they are perfect for the colder months, and you can even use them as the weather gets warmer. The best part - they can even adapt to your postpartum days. Because our clothes adapt to your size and shape, they'll be a great addition to your wardrobe after you've given birth. Soon Maternity is all about finding the perfect balance of comfort and style. 

Maternity dresses for work

For the mums-to-be who are pregnant and are also going into the office, you need something elegant and comfy, that looks professional and keeps you warm. The first thing to keep in mind while getting a maternity dress for the winter is that it needs to be something that can look good when worn with coats, cardigans or sweaters. Your dress should be an easy layering option. You can take off the outer layers when you’re in office and exude classic style with your maternity dresses. 

A great option for work is the Sophia Wrap Feeding Dress. A v neckline that discreetly opens up for feeding, long sleeves, and flattering side ruching to accommodate all stages of pregnancy - it doesn’t get better than this. Get this dress for an effortlessly stylish look. For your winter wardrobe, pair this dress up with boots and a warm coat. 

Dresses for special occasions

Join your friends and family for a special occasion - whether it’s a baby shower or a dinner, you and your bump should feel confident and comfortable whenever you step out. For special occasions, you can wear the Claire Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress. Blending contemporary style with soft fabric, this dress is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. This dress can be paired up with a graceful coat and some boots or heels. The soft colour means that you can get a bright outer layer to get you ready for a glamorous evening, even in the colder months. 

When styling maternity dresses in winter, you need dresses that can easily transition between day and night, and can be worn with different layers, like coats or sweaters. The Francis Long Sleeve Maternity Dress is one of our favourite pieces. This dress has long sleeves, a round neckline and an opening in the front from breastfeeding access. The empire waistline of this dress has hidden elastic - it sits over your belly and can grow as your bump grows. The patterned skirt adds a contemporary feel to your look. Pair up this dress with a coat in muted or block colours, and add some boots. 

Maternity dresses for the everyday 

Keep the chill away and feel comfortable as you go about your day. Maternity dresses for the everyday routine during winters should be easy to wear and easy to layer up. Our Iris Buttoned Feeding Dress has been designed with comfort in mind. The fabric is soft on your skin, and the stretchy ruching grows with your bump. The classic style of this dress means that you can pair it up with a jacket, sweater or cardigan, and look just as stylish. When you are running errands, or getting the house ready for the new arrival, you will look fabulous and feel great in this dress. 

Finish off your look with some outerwear

During the colder months, you need easy layering options. Coats, sweaters, jackets, cardigans and more can completely transform your look. To complete your perfect winter maternity look, pair your dress with some outerwear that keeps you looking stylish and feeling cosy. You can even mix and match different layering options with the same dress to create new looks for different occasions. Check out Soon Maternity’s range of outerwear here and create your perfect look. 

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