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Lola's Style File

Lola's Style File

Lauren Garcia is an award winning blogger living in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and brand new baby girl, Vivienne! Her blog, What Lola Likes, was built to inspire women and empower them to share their true beauty & fashion. Having just had her first child, we asked Lauren to reflect on her post-pregnancy thoughts and advice. Read on below:

Lauren's award winning blog can be read here or browse her instagram @whatlolalikes

Lauren wears Soon Maternity:
Blaze Maternity Denim

What have you loved about being pregnant?
I have honestly loved everything about being pregnant. I was fortunate enough to feel really great throughout this pregnancy and have enjoyed sharing my story through my blog about my experience from beginning to end. It has all been such a blessing!

What foods did you crave?
I went through phases of cravings throughout this pregnancy but majority were the things I would eat as a kid. Cereal, grilled cheese, ice cream, skittles, bagels, pizza.... basically anything carb related.

What will you miss about being pregnant?
Styling the bump!

The thing I most look forward to about being a mum:
A new chapter in our lives, watching her grow, and raising a little girl with my husband

What couldn't you live without this pregnancy?

What was your favourite maternity style?
Being that it was summer in Arizona during the majority of my pregnancy, I loved just throwing on a casual dress for work or while running errands throughout the day. I was all about simple, casual, and comfortable during this pregnancy!

Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy:
Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm, Osmia Nectar Rose Oil Drops, May Lindstrom Problem Solver Masque

Words of advice:
Listen to your body and embrace the bump!

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