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Bednest – The Baby Bedside Bassinet!

An Innovative New Co-Sleeper Cot Available at Soon Maternity

Awarded the 2014 ‘Consumer Choice Best Baby and Toddler Gear’ by voters, the Bednest bedside bassinet is one of the most popular baby co-sleeper products in the world. In-tune with our aim to provide new Australian mothers with the latest products to assist through this terrifically testing time, Soon Maternity are very excited to be offering the award-winning Bednest to our network of amazing Mums.

Initially attracted by the Bednest’s similar focus on safety and comfort in supporting the transitional lifestyle of both baby and new-Mum – Bednest’s added bonus of stylish modern design meant it was right up our alley!

Securely attached to the bed, the Bedrest cot acts as a separate, safe place for your baby to sleep, whilst enabling feeding and settling to be done much easier and quicker throughout the night - so you and your baby get more valuable rest.

This innovative new style of co-sleeper bassinet allows Mum to basically sleep beside her newborn, without having to worry about the risks associated with sleeping in the same bed.

The modern and highly functional Scandinavian-style bedside cot boasts a range of impressive features that revolutionise newborn/Mum sleeping arrangements, including:

- Unique “SafeBridge” - side panel that opens out directly on to your mattress ensuring easy access and safe passage

- Perfect Height Matching - easily adjusted to 70 different height settings for an exact bedside match to your bed

- Mesh Sides - so you can see your baby whilst laying level beside him/or from your own bed

- Second Opening Side Panel - for ease of access, reducing the need to awkwardly lift your baby over sides – especially post C-Section

- 1-Minute Build - highly functional Scandinavian design ensures the Bedrest can be set-up and folded flat again in seconds

- Detachable Bassinet - can be easily dethatched from base, with sides locked down, to become a safe, lightweight freestanding bassinet

- Tilted Stand - stand can also be easily, safely and securely tilted to relieve possible reflux symptoms for the baby

- HD Foam Core Mattress - super comfortable 84cm x 38cm mattress with a washable cover provides baby with the perfect sleeping platform

Over 25,000 parents around the world have discovered the benefits of sleeping safely and conveniently close to their baby by using the Bednest – now it’s your turn.

Click here to purchase one: or contact Soon Maternity today for further information, enquiries or orders of our exclusive new Bednest bedside bassinets.

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