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It hasn’t been the easiest of journeys, just like most pregnancies it’s come with it’s up, downs and everything in-between.

For all Melbourne mums, you would know that we’ve had some FREEZING weather lately.
I actually thought that being pregnant in the middle of winter would be great because we could layer up and I could hide my belly, the truth is, all I want to do wear dresses!

So when the sun started to shine in Melbourne I took the first opportunity to wear my Soon Maternity Brooklyn Crepe Skirt – I decided to step out of my usual black ensemble and try some jade matched back with some cashmere and leather. I’m at that point where I need to be a little more conscious of what I wear and stay away from unflattering lines and cuts. I think I got in just in time for this skirt, but now it’s time for some more figure hugging pieces that define my growing shape rather than blur the lines. None the less – if you need something comfy to wear to work – this is your piece!

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