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Casie Leigh Lukes Casie Leigh Lukes is an American based blogger who dabbles in writing, photography, watercolor, acrylics, languages and book binding. Casie is also digital content specialist at Experience Life magazine. You can follow her journey at or view her amazing and artistic images on instagram @casieleighlukes Casie wears Soon Maternity: Celina 3/4 Sleeve Maternity dress in Black / Stella Stripe Tee in Midnight Stripe

Celina 3/4 Sleeve dress Black

What do you love about being pregnant?

Walking through this new process with my husband! Life has felt surreal since my pregnancy test read “+”. I haven’t been able to grasp that this is my body and our baby. I am grateful for this pregnancy, and love this baby, but can’t wait until my body is no longer involved in this process.

What foods are you craving?

I haven't craved anything!

What will you miss about being pregnant?

The surreal feeling that I'm growing a human in my body.

The thing I most look forward to about becoming a mum:

Meeting this child and watching them grow into the person they are.

What is your favourite maternity style?

Soon Maternity Over Belly Skinny Maternity Denim, Anastasia Maternity Dress, Celina Long Sleeve Maternity Dress and the Classic Cotton Maternity Short!

Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy:

Acure soap and lotions, Jane Iredale Lipstick, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil

Words of advice:

Women consistently compare themselves to other women instead of supporting and celebrating themselves — and each other. Being pregnant can put a magnifying glass on differences in birth preparation, labor plans, nutrition, clothing style and how well you're feeling. Instead of comparing yourself to another pregnant woman, embrace your body and pace for what it is. And celebrate those around you.

Stella Stripe Tee in Midnight

Pregnancy Journey with My Little Lady

This journey has been filled with much morning sickness through week 35, low energy and insomnia. I’ve heard myself say ‘I can’t do this anymore’ or ‘we aren’t having anymore children.’ Many women say how much they LOVE being pregnant; how beautiful it is, and how magical birth is. I don’t know if they have a superwoman surge of hormones but through this uphill climb, these are some things that have stuck with me.

Pregnancy, like anything in life, doesn’t have to be an easy, comfortable experience. It’s OK to feel amazed at the feat your body is completing, and disillusioned simultaneously. Your body is not your own, and making a human is hard work. That mindset puts a lot of pressure on you during an intense time of of change. Just let it be what it is.

You may not feel emotional and that doesn't make you a bad parent. I have felt oddly unemotional during my pregnancy. I haven’t felt the ooey-gooey feelings I’ve seen so many mom’s exhibit. That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful, it just means everyone is different and that’s OK.

Be gentle and gracious with yourself. Being kind to yourself is about more than eating well, and exercising. It’s a reservoir of patience and wisdom to put things in your life on hold (as you need to) while you grow a child — and trust everything you’ve worked for in your career and life won’t be gone afterwards. It may appear others are zipping through their pregnancies but it doesn’t mean you need to — or that you need to berate yourself if you need to slow down. You can let go and release your expectations and those of others.

There is no shame in cultivating your identity as a woman separate from your husband, job and child. In my third trimester I was suddenly overwhelmed with the task of wanting to raise this little girl inside me to be someone who was strong, wise, kind, and live a life without fear to pursue who she was. I’ve been searching myself as I prepare for birth and re-embracing who I am. I’ve started sketching again, visiting places that nourish my soul and letting space drop in my life for much-needed creativity.

Your woman tribe is not just important — it’s essential and precious.

The more phases of life I go through, the more I see the essentialness of having female friends as a support network and pregnancy is no different. It’s precious to have a friend who encourages you or who can share your experience. My tribe is spread across the world, which can sometimes leave me feeling lonely. It’s important to seek out, appreciate and hold onto these valuable people!

You can do this! You are strong, smart and resilient enough to grow, birth and nourish this baby. You are more than enough, and you are doing a great job. On the difficult days let yourself cry, rest, vent and then dig deep in your soul put on a great maternity dress, slap on some lipstick and stand tall mamma. You are stronger than you know.

I look forward to meeting this little lady very soon. To read more about my pregnancy journey, visit me at:

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