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Blair's Style File

Blair's Style File

Blair McLeod is a Nashville based blogger. The inspired lifestyle blog and gorgeously photographed world of 'Wild and Precious,' explores style, travel and art.

You can follow her journey at www.wild-and-precious or view her gorgeous images on instagram @blairita

Photography by Cameron Jones
Instagram @cameronlouisejones

Blair wears Soon Maternity:
Angel Pleat Front Knit / Dream Tank Dress / Zarah Zip Top

What do you love about being pregnant?

I love that there is this precious life inside of me. This baby that is half me and half my husband that I feel like I know so intimately already and have yet to meet. No one else was meant to be her mommy, only me. A perfect gift of mercy and love to an imperfect woman. This baby is already and will continue to make me a better version of myself.

What foods are you craving?

In all my pregnancies I have loved milk - I could even chug a glass of whole milk. And bread. Lots of bread. But I always love bread regardless of being pregnant or not. Two things I love that used to hate before being pregnant - tomatoes and cilantro.

What will you miss about being pregnant?

This go has been a bit rougher then my last two times, so I do look forward to being a bit more comfortable. However, I feel so beautiful and confident when I'm pregnant. My body was made for this and it is beautiful regardless of how uncomfortable it can be. When I'm not pregnant I feel a bit more pressure to look a certain way or exercise more. I'm better at resting in the beauty of how I was created when I'm pregnant.

The thing I most look forward to about becoming a mum:

Well, I'm already a mum, but what I'm looking forward to being a mum of three is just how my little tribe will grow, not just in number, but the expanse of our own hearts and what we will all learn from each other. I love watching my husband be daddy to my two and know it will be just as sweet watching him with our new little one. My (almost) 5 year old is so excited for her little sister. My 2 1/2 year old son doesn't quite get it, but I can't wait to see his amazement and curiosity when little sister arrives.

What can you not live without this pregnancy?

Lots of pillows in my bed (sorry hubby). Behind my back, between my legs, under my belly...

What is your favourite maternity style?

I really try not to stray from my non-pregnancy style, so I love that Soon Maternity has styles that match my everyday aesthetics. Love the distressed denim and solid chic tops and dresses.

Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy:

I keep it pretty simple -- I love bareMinerals because all the products have sunscreen. The complexion rescue really is a rescue during pregnancy because it evens out your skin tone - which when i'm pregnant I get some redness and hyper pigmentation on my face. Love this bbcream by them. And its super light and non-greasy.

Words of advice:

Take each day as it comes and don't borrow trouble from tomorrow. Ask for help and don't try to be superwoman. Give yourself lots of grace and find confidence that you were made for this and this child was made for you.

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