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Victoria's Style File

Victoria's Style File

Beautiful Melbourne mum Victoria gets real with me about not loving pregnancy, taking care of yourself and missing seafood!

Victoria Latu

Victoria is a stunning Melbourne based mum I had the lucky chance to meet and chat to. She's fun and bubbly and her blog Talking Shop is interesting and informative plus chock full of style ideas! We were lucky enough to collaborate with Talkng Shop on the best looks for maternity work wear and your capsule maternity wardrobe.

Here Victoria gets real with me about not loving pregnancy, taking care of yourself and missing seafood!

You can check out Victoria's journey with her second child plus maternity style tips and videos on her Blog or InstagramVictoria wears Soon Maternity:

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic but with an edge! Clothes that aren't trend-centric, meaning they don't often go out of style. But that might be because I am a fan of capsule dressing. When making up your capsule wardrobe you have to pick things that are classic not 'trendy' or of the moment and clothes that make you look your best.

Has this changed since being pregnant?

I have to say this time around (in my second pregnancy) I have maintained most of my style sense. Unlike the first time around when I just threw in the towel and wore a grey stretch dress from beginning to end. Which probably contributed to how badly I felt about myself and my appearance. This time around I know what to expect and I'm trying to maintain my appearance and sense of style. Because you know what they say, "looking good leads to feeling good" and a happy mama means a happy baby. But I have to say that I do look for comfort first when i get dressed these days!

How has this pregnancy differed from your previous one?

Well this time around I know what to expect, so I'm not as anxious and stressed about the whole experience. Unfortunately, I am not one of those women that are high on happy hormones. None of that for me... which sucks! But at least having been here before makes it all a bit easier.

What is your favourite Soon maternity style?

There are so many things at Soon Maternity that I love. And I have featured some of my favourites on my website and in the maternity style videos we shot. But I can say that Soon Maternity makes a great maternity denim which is essential in pregnancy and great styling pieces in tops and dresses and yes great work wear as well. See, too many things!

What is the best part about being pregnant?

That little being you get at the end of the experience. There is nothing like having a baby. Apart from that, I don't really enjoy pregnancy. It's sad to say but true.

Have you been craving anything?

Spicy food! I can eat Chilli with a spoon!

Have you been craving anything?

Oysters, raw tuna, sashimi kingsfish and loads of wine! Man I have missed that!

What have been your beauty essentials whilst being pregnant?

Sleep and water... boring but true.

Best advice you can give to other expecting mums?

Remember to make the effort to take care of yourselves. Even a little bit of care makes up for a lot. This is a miraculous but massive thing we are going through. So I hope we constantly remember to take it easy on ourselves and treat ourselves kindly.

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