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Premium Maternity Denim

Premium Maternity Denim

Usually, the first piece of clothing that becomes part of a mum-to-be's maternity wardrobe is a staple pair of jeans or two.

Our jeans are all cut from premium denim and are available in a range of different styles and washes. We have gone into detail about our different signature fits to assist you in finding your perfect fit!

The question we are always asked is which style of maternity jeans are best, overbelly or underbelly? The thing is that both styles have their benefits, and the decision between the two comes down to a few key factors; your body type, how you are carrying (which can change pregnancy to pregnancy!) and what your jeans fit preference was pre-pregnancy.

Overbelly Skinny Denim Pant-are known to be insanely comfortable, and we still have customers coming back during their second and third pregnancy to buy a new pair because they practically lived in them during their first! This style has our signature denim fit with a soft and stretchy overbelly band which adds extra warmth through the cooler months and adds support. Many customers who are used to wearing high waisted jeans pre-pregnancy love this style! Available in classic black, dark indigo and an on-trend light wash.

Overbelly Skinny Denim PantOverbelly Skinny Denim Pant AustraliaOverbelly Skinny Denim Pant Online Australia

Underbelly Skinny Denim Pant- is a pair of jean that sits low on the hips and is a traditional button, fly and five-pocket style. It features soft stretch elastic inserts on each side of the pant, which expands with you. As we mentioned earlier, everyone carries differently; some expectant mothers have sensitivity on their belly and can't bear any pressure on the bump. This style works well if you are pregnant during the warmer months because you run a little hot during pregnancy, and some people don't want that extra layer of fabric up over their belly. Having said that, many mums love this style as it is very similar to your traditional jean. This style is also available in three classic washes.

Underbelly Skinny Maternity Pant AustraliaUnderbelly Skinny Maternity Denim PantUnderbelly Skinny Maternity Jeans

Mid Rise Slim Straight Jean- is the newest addition to the Soon premium maternity denim family! We aimed for a denim style that was a straighter leg and resembled a classic Levi style, and we did it! They are soft, stretchy and feature a full elastic waistband and button and fly. Trust us- these are jeans that you will continue to wear post-pregnancy. Designed to sit mid-rise on your belly without digging in, the jean is still fitted and flattering through the top part of the leg and slightly cropped.

Mid Rise Slim Straight JeanMid Rise Slim Straight Jean AustraliaMid Rise Maternity Jeans Online

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