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Our Pregnancy A-Z

Our Pregnancy A-Z

A is for APPS

There are so many useful and interesting pregnancy apps to download these days. Whether it’s tracking the growth of your baby by fruit sizes or using a timer app to time those contractions, there is most definitely an app for everyone!

B is for BUMP

At first it might seem like your bump is taking forever to pop out and then one day you will wake up and BAM- there is it!


Did your mother ever tell you what cravings she had when she was pregnant and you thought huh? Well now it’s your turn! There can be weird and wonderful foods that you might desire!

D is for DÉCOR

Putting together your little ones nursery can be such a joy! There are the obvious big necessary items like a bassinet and change table. However, these days you can have so much fun with wall stickers, hanging mobiles, artwork and more!


That’s right, elastic waistbands! They are practical, comfortable and you will never turn back!

F is for FOLATE

Folate and folic acid play an important role in pregnancy since they can help prevent birth defects known as neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Folate is a B group vitamin needed for healthy growth and development. You can increase your folate intake by eating folate-rich foods such as green vegetables, eggs and nuts. You can also purchase folic acid supplements specifically for pregnancy.


Not the most enjoyable part of pregnancy, but an important one of the many routine tests to check up on you and your baby. Gestational diabetes can affect any pregnancy. The test is done by taking blood, drinking a glucose drink, waiting a couple of hours and having your blood taken again to check the glucose levels.

H is for HOLIDAY

Do it! Plan that babymoon getaway. It’s time for you and your partner to relax and enjoy each other before another human enters your world. Fiji, Port Douglas or Hawaii are a few that we would recommend.

Babymoon Gataway Plan

I is for ICE CREAM

Seems like ice cream is a pregnancy craving that most women have!

J is for JEANS

Maternity jeans are a must to get you through your pregnancy and beyond. Here at Soon Maternity we have plenty of styles to choose from. Over belly, Under belly, Skinny Leg and Boyfriend cut- the choice is yours! Shop our best-selling denim here.

K is for KICKS

One of the best parts of being pregnant is feeling those movements your little miracle is making. It could be a kick, a punch or a big roll over- we think whatever the movement, the feeling is love!

L is for LOVE

There is no other moment like seeing your baby for the first time- it is absolute pure love. Becoming a mother is life changing. That protective love that you feel for your baby will last a lifetime.


It’s important to feel great when you’re pregnant and when you look good- you feel good! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that fashion goes out the window. Have a look here at our maternity new arrivals.

N is for NAMES

This is one of the bigger decisions that you and your partner will make! Will you choose a family name perhaps? Or a traditional or modern name? Last year the top names in Australia for girls were Charlotte, Olivia and Ava. And for boys, Oliver, William and Jack.

O is for OPEN MIND

Be prepared for anything and everything! Not one pregnancy, birth or child is ever the same. Have an open mind and take things as they come, it will make the overall experience much more enjoyable.


The benefits of a healthy pelvic floor are numerous. Exercising these muscles before falling pregnant and during pregnancy can decrease the damage done to the muscles by the strain of carrying a growing baby, decrease the risk of injury during birth and speed up recovery afterwards.


Usually described as flutters, these are the first movements that you might feel from your baby between around 13-17 weeks. Sometimes these movements are mistaken for gas but you’ll soon start to notice a pattern!

R is for RECIPES

A great hack that we have been given from a bunch of mums is to try and stock up on some home cooked freezer meals for when your baby arrives. Recipes that are great are bolognaise, slow cooked stews, soups and muffins.

S is for SLEEP or LACK OF!

Everyone will tell you to try and sleep before the baby arrives. However, towards the end of your pregnancy that is easier said than done! Once you have a bump it can be tricky to get comfortable. A pregnancy pillow is a great investment to help you get that needed rest!

Sleeping During Pregnancy

T is for TUMMY

As your tummy grows you may or may not notice changes in the appearance of your skin. Some women will develop a dark line down the centre of their tummy called linea nigra, this will eventually fade after birth. You may also notice stretch marks from the tummy growing- a natural coconut oil or balm can help with these.


These are those moments that you can actually see that tiny human developing and growing inside of you! It’s an incredible experience to see on the screen, watching as they breathe and move around. Be sure to ask for some images from the sonographer to include in your baby keepsake book!


Whether it’s video or just sound, a baby monitor is a great purchase. These are particularly useful if you have a double story house or another young child at home to entertain while the baby sleeps!

W is for WATER

Staying hydrated whilst pregnant is really important. Especially during that last trimester as dehydration can cause pre-term labor. Health professional say that pregnant women should be drinking approximately 10 cups of water a day.

X is for X-CITING

This is honestly one of the most exciting times for you! Enjoy it and embrace it!

Y is for YOGA

Yoga will not only help to tone and strengthen your body and and muscles, but it may also help to calm your mind. Stamina, strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing are all important for supporting both you and your baby through pregnancy and birth. And also the recovery time afterwards. You can shop our maternity activewear here.

Z is for Zzzzzz’s

You will wake up to use the toilet, the insomnia will settle in and you might have heartburn- but hey! It’s all good practise for when your bundle arrives

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