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Benefits of Pregnancy Massages

Benefits of Pregnancy Massages

We believe that all mums deserve a special treatment and massage given how hard they work every second of the day to produce a new life! But did you know that there's so much more to pregnancy massages than simply feeling good and helping you to relax? Read on to find out what other benefits a pregnancy massage has!

Pre-natal massages aren't the same as your average massages, because practitioners need to take into account all sorts of factors, such as the type of stimulus, where they apply pointed pressure, the body positioning and so on.

On top of this, a lot of expectant mothers will be wanting to get a massage for problem areas that are outside of what they'd usually require. This might be more focus on lower back and hips due to the pressure from your growing belly, your upper back, among many other things. And the good thing is, pre-natal massages are excellent ways to deal with these common issues.

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Some of the benefits of prenatal massages include:

Reduces stress

Your body undergoes a lot of changes and stress when you're pregnant, whether or not you actually 'feel it'. Prenatal massages manipulate tissue and sensory glands, making your aching body feel less sore, easing the mind, and creating a response from your body to restore balance.

Increases circulation

The strokes of a massage can stimulate the nervous system into circulating blood more freely - delivering more nutrients to your cells, more oxygen and nourishment to your baby, as well as preventing or minimising the risk of edema.

It can relieve nausea and heartburn

massages can prevent or relieve nausea and heartburn by reducing the pressure on the abdomen by relaxing muscles and aligning posture.

Relieves everyday discomfort (aches, cramps, swelling, joint pain, etc.)

Massages help to stimulate soft tissues, reducing the collection of fluids in feet and hands.

Muscle relaxation

Massages carry away lactic acid and cellular waste that build up, therefore reducing muscular fatigue, making you feel more relaxed.

Improved energy levels

Reduced stress, reduction of toxins and improved circulation help to increase your energy levels. It's been found that pregnancy women enjoy a 10-15% increase in blood-oxygen levels after a massage.

Improved sleep

With reduced stress, increased relaxation, endorphins, blood circulation and less aches and pains – a massage can help you get a better night's rest.

Better health outcomes

a pregnancy massage will regulate the hormones in your body, leading up to less interventions during labour & birth, as well as quicker recovery.

Assists in maintaining good posture and alignment

maternity massages can help with your changing posture and alignment, helping with breathing problems and other discomfort.

Massages are also a great drug free alternative to pain relief!

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Now that you know the benefits, it's important to find the right pre-natal massage centre that have the right equipment and a skilled team that can properly take care of you. As we mentioned before, professionals in pregnancy massages know not to apply pressure to certain areas that might promote uterine contractions, and are able to adjust your body to suit whatever stage of pregnancy you're in. Some of the places that we recommend include:

Eclipse Therapies, Toorak

Eclipse Therapies in Toorak offer pregnancy massages to assist with tensions, aches and pains, swelling and much more. They have facilities that adapt to expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy.

Hawksburn Health, South Yarra

If you're looking for a professional pregnancy massage therapist in South Yarra – Hawksburn Health can offer anything from a full body Swedish relaxation massage to a firmer remedial style massage. Their clinic has all the necessary equipment required to help pregnant women all throughout their pregnancy.

Beyond, Hawthorn

Beyond is a pregnancy massage clinic in Hawthorn with a team of experienced myotherapists who will give you soft tissue therapy to reduce problems such as swelling, aches, pains, spasms, cramps and more during pregnancy. They have specialised pregnancy equipment too, to maximise comfort.

Pregnancy massages offer so many benefits to expectant mums all around the world, and if we could, we would be providing pregnancy massages to all our Soon mums every minute of the day. So whether this is your first pregnancy or your 5th - you should try it out and see how much it can do for you!

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