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Most Popular Baby Names in 2018

Most Popular Baby Names in 2018
While there’s a lot of different stress that you’ll encounter when you’re pregnant with your baby (especially your first!) - there’s one that’s harmless, but just as stressful nonetheless. And this would be the choosing of your precious baby’s name! As it’s a name that will be stuck to them for the rest of their lives - you’ll want to pick one that isn’t necessarily just trendy now, but will age well too. This means to say that you won’t name them something that you thought was ‘pretty cool at the time’, only to be filled with regret 10 or even 20 years down the track. In 2017, many of the popular names stayed the same as 2016. Amelia & Oliver continue to reign, being ranked the most popular amongst the girl & boy names. This means that these two names have been holding those top positions for up to 5 years now. We’re also seeing a trend of popularity with names ending in ‘-a’, with the top 10 round-up for girls including Amelia, Olivia, Ella, Ava, Mia, Jessica, Isla & Isabella. Now, going into 2018 - we’re also noticing a trend of more gender neutral names such as Max, Alex, Charlie and Andy.
  1. Oliver
  2. Reggie
  3. Reuben
  4. Theo
  5. Thiago
  6. George
  7. Jack
  8. Harry
  9. Noah
  10. Jacob
  11. William
  12. Charlie
  13. Henry
  14. Muhammed
  15. Tom
  16. Lloyd
  17. Finn
  18. Atticus
  19. Arthur
  20. Logan
As an expectant mama or papa, you’re probably aware that there are an abundance of names out there that you could choose for your baby. One of our greatest baby naming tips is to just choose something that you love. Whether it’s something that’s dear to you, such as a loved one’s name, a variation of that, or even a name that you think is pretty - there is no wrong answer! Parents these days are putting way too much pressure on themselves to choose something distinctive & extraordinary - but keep in mind that popular baby names just means that they’re well liked at any specific point in time. And whatever name you choose in the end, you’ll likely love it for a lifetime!

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