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Andrea's Style File

Andrea's Style File

Andrea is a full time mother who has just given birth to her fifth child! During her fifth pregnancy we just knew she would be a great person to road-test our maternity pieces and give some great advice along the way.

You can read all her great mommy recomendations at or view her daily outfits and sweet family photos on instagram@mommainflipflops

Andrea wears Soon Maternity:
Hoolihan Cargo Skinny Pant / Lyla Ruched Print Maternity Dress / Stella Striped Maternity Tank

Making the maternity clothing transition can be hard for some women. I admit this pregnancy was the worse for me – it had been my longest time between pregnancies and I had built a great wardrobe of basic pieces that I could mix and match. I also change sizes significantly when I’m pregnant, so this time around I really wanted to be smart and find maternity clothing that would work with me throughout my growing baby bump and could be mixed and matched in my wardrobe for now and existing years to great a workable wardrobe even while pregnant.

"The Hollihan Cargo Skinny Pant are a great look for summer and these will last you through all your trimesters. If you’re looking for something different to add to your maternity clothing, don’t underestimate a great pair of skinny olive cargo pants."

What do you love about being pregnant?

I love knowing that I'm growing a little human being inside me, feeling him/her grow and move. Sharing with my family and being a witness of God's beauty.

What foods are you craving?

I've never been one to have a lot of food cravings but when you're pregnant you definitely get strange times when you want specific things. I remember once this pregnancy I woke up and wanted a friend pickle.

What will you miss about being pregnant?

With this being my fifth probably just being able to share with other women that pregnancy bond.

"This dress is incredibly flattering, it hugs your body, but not in an immodest way. Ruched details on the sides and a comfortable fit, you’ll not only look great, but feel great in this dress."

The thing I most look forward to about being a mum:

Having another child to care for.

What can you not live without this pregnancy?

Comfortable clothes, apparel that makes me feel good.

What is your favourite Maternity style?

I love the shorts and tank look with being big and pregnant during the summer, but the dresses are so flattering and with lots of fun going on during the summer, I love the dress look.

"I adore a super casual look for summer – grab your favorite denim shorts, white sneakers and the Stella Striped Tank Top to complete a super easy summer look for the busy momma on the go."

"I’ve been getting compliments on like crazy, from pregnant women and not. A gorgeous flattering fit and I love the wide straps for any size bra you wear.

Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy:

Definitely Belli Skin Care.

Words of advice:

New babies and young children can be so overwhelming and exhausting at times. Take each day as it is, the days can be long but the years are short. Nothing is better than the family.

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