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New Year... New Wardrobe!

New Year... New Wardrobe!

A new wardrobe often enhances your start to the New Year…. And the great news is, a fresh wardrobe can be as simple as reinventing the looks you’ve already worn on repeat with a few small additions or a simple style change-up. A new addition could be a cool new layering piece or statement top to freshen up your wardrobe staples, or reinvent your wardrobe by digging up a classic piece and reinventing it with different accessories.Keep reading for our 2017 on-trend guide to refreshing your wardrobe…

Say Yes to Prints

Say yes to prints — in fact, the more the merrier. Layer on contrasting prints in similar colours or play up patterns in brighter shades to make a serious impact

Elevate Your Basics

Simply take your favourite wardrobe staples to the next level by swapping in a pair of heels, polished outerwear, or a chic bag. Easy!

Layer Up

Let layering take your look to the next level. Rethink your basics by adding a bright statement layering piece or throw a tailored blazer over an otherwise casual look of jeans and a t-shirt.

Give Your Jeans the Day Off

Jeans are undoubtedly the workhorses of our closets, so it's no wonder we don't use our other pieces enough. Today, give your jeans the day off and reach for a pair of trousers, a skirt, or a dress that hasn't gotten nearly enough wear yet. Our soft and comfy Ava Maternity Pants can be just as versatile as your old faithful jeans!

Style It With Sneakers

Celebrate your love of sneakers and make them the star of your outfit. Extra points if you style them with a dress! We’ve paired our Leia Tank Dress with old faithful chucks but you can make your sneakers as loud as possible for a bigger statement.

Give Your Wardrobe Staples New Life

Breathe new life into your wardrobe staples with new layers or cool proportions. Make it all about shaking up the ordinary. Take your classic 9-5 white shirt and dress it up for the weekend with our coated skinny pant or pair your favourite jeans with your dressiest top.

Embrace Whites

Fresh summer whites may just be the season's easiest wardrobe addition to freshen up your 2017 wardrobe. We love the look of head to toe white but you can easily just start with white bottoms. White pants are definitely making a come back in a very big way. Try our Jackson Maternity pant to perk up a basic summer shirt.

Top It Off With a Hat

Grab your wide-brim, your fedora, or your baseball cap and give your outfit a whole new element of cool just by throwing it on. So simple, so summery!

Slip Into Flats

Give your heels a rest and pay some much-deserved attention the unsung heroes of your closet: your chicest flats. We love a classic chic loafer or a strappy velvet flat.

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