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While us Melbournians are extremely proud to live in one of the best cities in the country – not to mention the world! – we’re certainly not above taking the mickey out of ourselves (in true Australian fashion) and the “Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day” is one of our absolute favourites!

Its true, Melbourne can feel like it has 4 seasons in one day sometimes… when you leave the house in cool sunshine, arrive at work drenched from rain, eat lunch in the sunny park, and walk home shivering…

Whilst its fun to joke about, Melbourne’s indecisive weather can make it very hard to dress appropriately, especially for working Mums-to-be, who can already be limited for choice…

As you probably know by now, at Soon Maternity our mission is to make life as easy as possible during the challenging times of pregnancy and early-motherhood, particular in regards to maternity clothing and fashion… which is why we’ve put together an outfit rundown for a current Melbourne’s day in the life of one of our designers – meet Elizabeth.

We have had a very long summer this year, which was great, and while we are still getting some sunny days, it’s definitely starting to get quite cold at night!

MORNING - It’s fresh but still sunny, so I’ve chosen a long sleeved Essential Maternity Shirt – the perfect casual outfit to go for a design meeting at The Botanical, Melbourne.

LUNCH TIME – The sun can be starting to warm up the office at this time of day, so I like to go for a walk around Melbourne CBD to find some lunch… often in a comfortable yet stylish Leo Cap Sleeve maternity dress

AFTERNOON – Meeting with a fashion blogger at our Hawksburn Store… the light Skyler Jacket always keeps me warm, whilst still looking professional!

NIGHT – Quick turn around after arriving home… quickly throw on my Frost Wool maternity vest to keep warm, and I’m off to meet my husband for dinner at Crown Melbourne.

Hopefully Elizabeth's rundown of a dressing for a day in Melbourne around this time of year has helped share some inspiration for all the working Melbourne Mums out there… Good luck with the weather!

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