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New Arrivals

New Arrivals - pregnancy and nursing clothes 

We heard you have something new on the horizon. Well we have something to welcome into the world, as well. Our New Arrivals! A collection of recent additions just for you. There’s no better feeling than a fresh start: a fresh pair of jeans, a fresh cardigan, a whole new wardrobe, in fact. Our clothing caters to contemporary motherhood and pregnancy. At Soon Maternity, we know that it can be a challenge to find stylish and comfortable clothing that accommodates our growing bodies.

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As women, we all have such unique proportions and body types, even without the added factor of pregnancy, which is why we aim to supply high-quality garments for every element of maternal life. Pregnant women work out, go to the beach and go on dates; head to work, weddings, baby showers and black tie events. They also like to lay back sometimes, spend some downtime with their loved ones; go on holiday and take day trips, work outside in the garden—we run errands at the store, try out a pilates class, sign up for a prenatal class, and grab coffee with friends. It can also be hard to find a full range of versatile pieces to suit every activity we might get up to over our 9 months of pregnancy, and afterwards, while we’re nursing. Some women might try and hold out on purchasing maternity clothes, at least for the first 12 weeks, especially if it’s their first pregnancy—since you’re less likely to show, early on, the first time round. There’s no definitive guide, no “right way” to go about your pregnancy. 

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If you already have a wide selection of oversized, flowy clothes, you might want to stick to what works for you, buying some additional pieces that will complement the items already sitting in your closet. You can also use these previous clothes as a guide for what to look for when maternity shopping: pregnant you is still the same you, afterall. What colours and patterns strike your eye? What shape do you want to achieve with your clothes? Which areas do you want to showcase and which do you feel best covering up? While you can certainly pair your new maternity or nursing pieces with some well-loved staples in your wardrobe, there are some reasons you should consider investing in a few good maternity items. For one, while some pregnant women don’t show in the early stages: many do. This can come down to age, whether you’ve given birth previously and the strength of your core muscles, or it could just be the luck of the draw! And, if you do end up showcasing a visible bump in those initial weeks, it may make your life a lot easier than having to shovel through your closet for the right garments that will fit and also flatter your body!

Another reason we would advise you to consider maternity clothes is you’ll just feel luminous in the right attire, expertly crafted and tailored to your pregnant body. Shop our new arrivals to find the perfect clothes for every stage of pregnancy and every occasion. 

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