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The Rise In Popularity For Prenatal Pilates During Pregnancy.

Maternity Activewear
Staying active during your pregnancy is an important part of keeping yourself and your baby healthy and the perfect excuse for some new maternity activewear. Whether you're just getting into exercise or, movement has been something you've always loved, pregnancy shouldn't get in the way or be an excuse. There are so many benefits of working out whilst pregnant, and more and more workouts are becoming catered to pregnant women, which we are so excited to see. The most important part of exercising while pregnant is choosing the right form of movement for your body and fitness level. Over exerting yourself can be harmful when pregnant and you want to avoid putting too much extra stress on you and your bubba. We suggest opting for workouts that keep intensity to a moderate level, are in an environment you can remain cool and hydrated in and won't put you at risk of hazards such as falling or loss of balance. In this blog, we will talk through the benefits of movement and prenatal pilates with a qualified pre and postnatal Pilates instructor.

Why do we love pilates during pregnancy?

Lower back pain

During pregnancy, it's important to maintain a strong and stable core as well as maintain your mobility, this will help you manage the added weight of carrying your baby around during and after pregnancy. Lower back pain during pregnancy is super common, one reason for this is that ligaments can become more flexible, which can lead to the lower back and pelvic pain. Lower back pain sucks but strengthening the deeper abdominal muscles can help reduce the likelihood of this or minimise the actual pain. As your baby grows you may find your posture also changing, pilates can help to improve your awareness of your posture, and the added strength will help you carry correct posture through your pregnancy which helps to take pressure off the body.

Strong Pelvic Floor

One of the most common reasons I find pregnant women loving pre and postnatal pilates is for the benefits of strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. A strong pelvic floor reduces the likelihood of incontinence and light bladder leakage. Pilates can help to strengthen many of the muscles that sit underneath the pelvis and teach you to engage this area of your body to appropriately manage the pelvic floor during the day. Some of my favourite pelvic floor exercises include
  • Bridges
  • Bird dog
  • Kegeles
Wearing flexible, comfortable clothing for these movements will help you get the best range of movement and results. I love the Sage Long Maternity Active Legging, paired with the Active nursing bra for some support.

Control breathing and maintain stress

Healthy breathing techniques are important, especially during pregnancy as it helps improve blood circulation which benefits your baby. Most good prenatal pilates classes will have a strong focus on correct breathing techniques as this helps keep consistent healthy breathing during your pregnancy and prepares you for labour. Correct breathing techniques also help with engagement through your core, assisting you to gain more strength during your workouts. Deep mindful breaths help promote a healthy mind and lower stress, during pregnancy we like to keep ourselves in a relaxed state of mind as much as possible, focusing on your breathing and learning new techniques is a great way to relieve stress and give yourself a moment of ‘zen’.

Maintain weight and speed up recovery postpartum

Growing during pregnancy is one of the most beautiful parts of the journey, weight gain is essential as we create space for the baby as well as nourish ourselves so we can nourish them. Many women come to me concerned they are gaining more weight than the recommended amount during their pregnancy, pilates is a wonderful low impact movement style to help keep you active and control a healthy weight. yes, weight gain during pregnancy is essential but, it is still possible to gain an unhealthy amount of extra weight which can lead to other health problems. Keeping in shape during your pregnancy journey will help ease your postpartum recovery and get you back to your pre-pregnancy body and fitness levels quickly. There are so many more incredible benefits to pre and postnatal pilates which is why I recommend it so highly. When starting your pilates journey during your pregnancy please ensure you are working with a prenatal qualified instructor/ practitioner, they will be educated in keeping you safe. There are a few things to consider when exercising during your pregnancy which is why I always stress working with an instructor who is up to date with the latest guidelines and research, better yet encourage them to liaise with your health care professionals such as Physio or Obstetrician. Soon Maternity has a fantastic range of fashionable active maternity wear, you'll find something to get you moving comfortably during your pregnancy and looking stylish.

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