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With the summer months approaching, expecting Mums across Australia are faced with the mission of finding flattering swimwear to enjoy the sunshine. Of course, the challenges of a changing body don’t make it easy to find the perfect swimsuit… with a few unique factors to consider, such as:


Deciding when to start shopping for your maternity swimsuit can be tricky! You should aim to start shopping in the second trimester… so you’re showing enough to get a sense of fit, whilst leaving yourself enough time to enjoy your purchase. You obviously want to avoid buying a swimsuit you wont fit in to in a few months, but also shouldn’t be forced to wear something daggy in anticipation.


How do you wear your bathers? If you’re strictly sunbaking by the backyard pool… then you can always get away with a skimpy bikini. But if you’re planning on swimming, chasing toddlers around, or heading to the beach, then comfort and style all of a sudden play an important role…

Thankfully, Soon Maternity has an answer to pregnant women’s potential concerns with our new Tankini Maternity Swimsuit

Made from 10% Spandex, with ruched side-panels for a comfortable stretch and built-in bust cups for extra support… the Tankini Maternity Swimsuit resolves timing issues, by comfortably stretching to support your changing body through pregnancy… whilst still looking great!

The contemporary design means expecting Mums can still look stylish whilst receiving the support they need to step out in confidence… whether you’re playing with the kids in the backyard, or sunbathing at the beach. Available in our Dot Print or a plain Chic Black, there is a Tankini Maternity Swimsuit to suit both the playful maternity dresser and the minimalist.

To truly get the most out of your swimsuit investment, we recommend layering the versatile Tankini with a cover-up such for sun protection. For a splash of colour try our Japanese Cape in Native Blossom, with a relaxed fit to switch from the beach to a relaxed dinner in the evening. Just add jewels and embellished sandals for a touch of glamour.

Eager to start shopping? Drop by our Soon Maternity Store at 483 Malvern Road, South Yarra, and check out our summer range for yourself. We can provide helpful advice, and even a prosthetic bump to help determine fit if you’re not showing yet.

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