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There is such a wonderful community of mothers on Instagram sharing their style tips and motherhood stories. We are constantly inspired by these strong, passionate and fashionable women! We have been lucky enough to be able to work with some of these Soon Mums, both in Australia and internationally, over the past two years as a part of our Style File features and have decided to compile our favourite collaborations to date. It has been an absolute pleasure working with these women and we cant wait to continue following their motherhood journey.

Keep on scrolling for some amazing maternity fashion and pregnancy style inspo!


Jess Dempsey is the founder of Australian fashion blog, What Would Karl Do? She has worked as a celebrity stylist and visual merchandiser so it is no wonder she is one of the most fashionable expectant mothers in Australia at the moment! Her style is always imaculate and often features designer accessories but she also know how to merge this with affordable basics and make one key piece work with many different outfits.
"If you are a rock chick and you love an edgier look, don’t change, if you are a girly girl, don’t change, if you always wear the same jeans each day, don’t change. My example is, I would always wear black, skinny, ripped jeans with a t-shirt and jacket from day to day before pregnancy. I knew that I simply had to keep wearing this type of outfit but I just had to accommodate for the bump, simply by finding maternity jeans that reflected the pre-baby ones I owned, go-up a size in my t-shirts and jacket."

Delve further into What Would Karl Do here or scroll through Jess' daily outfits here.

Jess wears Soon Maternity:
Hazel Shirt Dress | Adri Side Split Knit | Band Denim Skirt | Romee Dress | Paris Drop Waist Dress


Sydney based blogger, Renee Harpley, has 15 years experience as a model and now works as a stylist so it comes as no surprise that her Instagram is full of stunning photos and immaculately curated outfits. Not only does Renee inspire us with her chic and elegant maternity style, she also had a chat to us about motherhood for her upcoming Style File. When asked for words of advice Renee has this to say;

"Go with your gut motherly instincts and enjoy the journey. Go with the flow and don't worry yourself too much if you can't feel them kicking or moving, sometimes you don't feel them for days. Also enjoy the peace and quiet before you have any babies and go on one last holiday before they arrive, relax and enjoy the sun, peace and just being the two of you because when bubs arrive it will all change."

Renee wears Soon Maternity:
Blaze Maternity Denim | Honor Long Sleeve Feeding Top | Leo Cap Sleeve Dress

Denise Nordén is a Sweden based wellness and lifestyle blogger who also happens to have a great eye for photography, making her Instagram a visual pleasure to browse through! Denise began her journey as a fitness blogger 10 years ago and has been sharing insights into her life through her beautiful photography ever since.

Denise has a wonderful approach to maternity dressing and it has been so enjoyable to watch her take simple maternity basics and give them a real edge. See more of Denise's maternity fashion in her Soon Maternity Style File here.
Denise wears Soon Maternity:
Eva Pleat Back Maternity Shirt | Flora Regular Straight Maternity Pant | Hazel Maternity Shirt Dress

Lauren Garcia is an award winning blogger living in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and new baby girl, Vivienne! Her blog, What Lola Likes, was built to inspire women and empower them to share their true beauty & fashion.

"I have honestly loved everything about being pregnant. I was fortunate enough to feel really great throughout this pregnancy and have enjoyed sharing my story through my blog about my experience from beginning to end. It has all been such a blessing!"

Read Lauren's award winning blog here:

Lauren wears Soon Maternity:
Blaze Maternity Denim

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