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Pregnancy And Exercise in the Same Sentence

Pregnancy And Exercise in the Same Sentence

Pregnancy is an important time to get moving! This article explains the various exercises that are suitable for woman during this important time in your life.

Pregnancy And Exercise in the Same Sentence

Our motivation to create Soon Maternity designer maternity clothing range comes from a passionate desire for women to not feel held-back during pregnancy, and carry as much confidence and comfort in their lifestyle as possible throughout pregnancy and beyond.

As such, we love witnessing just how many expecting Mums are staying active, exercising and keeping fit throughout their pregnancy! To help them stay motivated with their exercises, Soon Maternity have developed a stylish and functional range of maternity activewear for expecting Mums. We stock active wear leggings that are made from a special quality, sweat resistant supplex material, which helps your skin breath during yoga class, walking or just during everyday wear.

Whether you were previously active and are maintaining exercise during pregnancy, or just picking-up exercising for the first time whilst pregnant – there are many safe options of exercise for pregnant women, and a fit pregnancy has a number of proven health benefits for both Mum and Bub.

Some benefits of exercising during pregnancy for Mums-to-be…

Reduce Risk of Complications: In a 2012 clinical study titled ‘Exercise in Pregnancy’ – women who exercised 4 times a week were proven less likely to develop gestational diabetes, have unplanned caesarean sections, and have macrosomic babies (babies that have grown too large in the utero) which adds risk of complications for both mother and baby during labour.

Reduce Aches and Pains: As your body grows and puts extra pressure on your bottom-half, more than 2/3 of pregnant women experience lower back and pelvic pain. However, exercising (especially during the later stages of pregnancy) appears to result in less lower-back and pelvic aches and pains, (British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2012).

Improve Your Energy and Mood: “” offers a well researched explanation of how the endorphins released during exercise are proven to improve your mood, decrease stress, anxiety and can actually give you more energy! Exercising during the day also helps you get to sleep easier at night and feel more rested in the morning. An Australian Journal of Physiotherapy article titled – “Aerobic exercise training during pregnancy reduces depressive symptoms in nulliparous women…” further explains how exercise actually reduces chances of depression, which pregnant woman are highly susceptible to!

Some benefits of exercise during pregnancy for babies…

Heart Health: A 2014 study on the ‘Influence of Exercise on Maternal and Fetal Health’ showed women exercise while pregnant 3 times a week had lower heart rate, but also their unborn babies were proven to have lower heart rates in the latter stages of pregnancy, and still 1 month after birth – which is a sign of reduced fetal distress, and a healthier baby.

Reduce Odds of Diabetes: Whilst it’s hard to strictly monitor the effects on growing human babies, a study of mice who exercised during pregnancy made the promising discovery that their offspring had better insulin sensitivity once grown – which is widely regarded as a suggestion humans born to exercising Mum’s should have reduced odds of diabetes.

Signs of Increased Brain Health: A similar study looking at mice who exercised during pregnancy showed their offspring to be less prone to neuro-degeneration in later life – which in human terms relates directly to Alzheimer’s disease.

These are only some of the benefits involved with exercising during pregnancy; this list goes on and on… learn more from this trusted “Fit Pregnancy and Baby” website.

Pregnancy Exercises

Even if you weren’t a regular exerciser before pregnancy, it’s not only safe, but highly recommended to star regular exercise while pregnant. Exercise for pregnant woman can come in many forms, including:

Pregnant Swimming

Swimming is a great form of pregnant exercise as it is low impact, helps improve cardiovascular fitness in lead up to labour and being a new Mum, and can counteract back and body pains with the supportive weightlessness feeling.

Walking Whilst Pregnant

The most common form of exercise for pregnant women, walking helps regulate a healthy pregnant weight and ease constipation, whilst keeping your body fit – which has proven benefits for you and your baby, can help stamina during labour, and even reduce labour time.

Low impact weight training

If educated and done correctly, low impact weight training can be an excellent way to stay fit during pregnancy, reduce joint pain, regulate fatigue and helps maintain fitness beyond child-birth, as you’ve already built a routine!

Pregnancy yoga

Prenatal yoga is an increasingly popular method of exercise for pregnant women, as it’s extremely low impact, and has proven benefits for your bodies strength and fitness, as well as your minds relaxation and concentration. It’s also a great way to meet other expecting Mums! If you are looking to do prenatal yoga this pregnancy, here is a wonderfully informative guide on how to safely practice yoga during pregnancy:

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It’s important to remember that all exercising whilst pregnant should first be approved or advised by a medical practitioner before you begin. Not all exercising is considered safe whilst pregnant, and women with certain health issues may be limited in their options – click here for more information.

At Soon Maternity, we are proud to offer a range of maternity activewear to help expecting Mum with their exercising during pregnancy. We stock versatile leggings for everyday wear, or to wear to the gym or yoga class.

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