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Maria's Style File

Maria's Style File

Maria Trima is a Los Angeles based blogger and expecting mum. BlondePowder is a place where she shares her personal style, travels, inspirations and Los Angeles life.

"I believe that anything is POSSIBLE. I am passionate about sharing the simple things that make people happy and smile."

You can follow her journey at or view her gorgeous images on instagram @mariatrima

Maria wears Soon Maternity:
Leo Cap Sleeve Maternity Dress / Base Distressed Denim

What do you love about being pregnant?

I love the feeling a bringing a life into the world. I love that one day a beautiful person will do amazing things with their life, and in this case, that person will be my child. I'm in my third trimester now and one of the things I love the most about the second and third trimester is feeling my baby kick.

What foods are you craving?

I am very surprised that I haven't experienced any food cravings during pregnancy. I've always been a healthy eater and this has been of utmost importance to me during my pregnancy. I eat a lot of foods that are high in protein and calcium. All of my girlfriends had odd or often very extreme food cravings during their pregnancies. I focus on a balance of fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt, proteins and calcium - if it is healthy for me and baby, it will be on my plate :)

What will you miss about being pregnant?

I will say that being pregnant is not easy. The part that I will certainly miss is having a cute belly!

The thing I most look forward to about becoming a mum:

Right now, I'm mostly looking forward to seeing my baby girl for the first time. I think for every mother this is the most exciting moment of being pregnant. I'm doing prenatal classes to prepare as much as possible, but of course there is no way to be 100% ready for what lies ahead. Everything is going to be new and the unknown is certainly a bit scary. But when I think of seeing my baby girl, everything will be worth that moment.

What is your favourite Soon Maternity style?

Finding clothes during pregnancy has been very difficult. I tried jeans from many different brands and in each instance the jeans were either uncomfortable or didn't fit well. When I first put on my jeans from Soon Maternity I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did they fit perfectly, but they felt great and were functional for long walks. The best part of all is they are stylish! I love the color which I can match with many different outfits and styles. I must say I am very thankful for these Soon Maternity jeans filling an essential part of my wardrobe!

Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy:

My most important beauty product I used during pregnancy is bio oil for skin health and elasticity. I used Fresh brand cosmetics before my pregnancy and continue to use is now. I am a big fan of their facial masks and everyday creams. I have a fairly normal type of skin and it was pretty easy to find products I liked.

Words of advice:

My advice to pregnant women is be active and eat healthy. Many pregnant women experience back pain. I have always liked swimming and continue to swim 2-3 times per week. I think the swimming helped me a lot as I've yet to experience any pain in my lower back. I also recommend prenatal yoga and walking, both of which have kept me active, strong and flexible. Physically I feel very good! Another important piece of advice is be positive and do things that make you happy. Your baby feels everything from you especially your stress. Try to stay as calm and stress free as possible. Enjoy the experience, smile and laugh a lot. Also, take a lot of pictures and enjoy the progression of your pregnancy!

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