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Kimberley's Style File

Kimberley's Style File

The Celina Dress made me feel ... Myself again! I've tried on other maternity clothes and the majority were very frumpy... not happy!
What I look for in maternity wear is comfort but without sacrificing the polished style I had before getting pregnant.
The Dress is the perfect base piece that you can style up or down to suit the occasion.
I love it with killer heels and a blazer for during the week or boots and a leather jacket on the weekends.

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MEET KIMBERLEY - One of the faboulous Co- founders of Good Tea Co,

How and why did you get involved with Good Tea Co?

I started Good Tea Co. along with 2 friends in 2013 - looking after our bodies and the environment is something that is really important to us. Aware of the GMO issues and the amount of nasty chemicals and pesticides used in everyday food, I always try to buy organic products. One day, I thought about number of cups of tea I drink every day, I wondered why I wasn't buying organic.

The answer wasn't as simple as i thought. We had a look at the options for loose leaf tea in the market and just couldn't find anything that was up to my organic/environmental standards, as well as Australian owned (most organic tea companies are not Aussie).

Naturally, we formed Good Tea Co. and ever since we've been keeping it simple with high quality, organic, hand picked/blended tea in environmentally friendly packaging, and the rest (as they say) is history!

Which blend is your favourite?

That's like asking me to choose a favourite child! Our most popular teas are definitely our herbal blends: Balance - a caffeine free, herbal tea that is designed to naturally and gently cleanse the body using; beautiful herbs and fruit like nettle, burdock, rosehip, peach and blueberry and Vitalise- a zingy blend that is designed to boost your immune system with punchy ginger, lemongrass and hibiscus. The addition of green tea to this blend gives a little caffeine boost to kick start the day.

Which blend would you recommend a soon-to-be mum.

Early on, our customers actually asked us for a pregnancy tea so of course we obliged and worked with midwives to develop our specialty pregnancy tea: Nurture. Nurture is a blend of red raspberry leaf and lemon verbena and is a really lovely drinking tea even if you're not pregnant. Our other caffeine free options are the very popular, Balance herbal blend and good old Peppermint tea!

When i found out i was pregnant, i ...

Literally jumped for joy! It has been such a blessing for my husband and I and our families. We're all really excited and can't wait to meet the little jellybean! This is my first so I'm experiencing everything for the first time, each day brings new feelings and sensations!

My pre-pregnancy wardrobe composed of ...

Mostly classic base pieces that I accessorized with more trend driven accessories. I love to look polished and would always prefer to be over-dressed than under-dressed. My philosophy is to spend big on the base pieces like a pair of jeans, a good coat, LBD etc and then buy more affordable tops, scarves, jewelry to add pops of colour and stay current with trends.

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