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How To Find The Best Pair Of Comfy Maternity Jeans

How To Find The Best Pair Of Comfy Maternity Jeans
Jeans are a wardrobe staple, they go with almost everything and are super flattering. When I'm in a rush or stuck for something to wear I always gravitate to my favourite pair of high waisted straight leg jeans and a white shirt, it's so easy. During pregnancy, jeans become a little bit more complicated, my usual high waisted jeans get pushed to the back of my wardrobe and replaced with something more comfortable. To be honest for a while I didn't think I'd be able to wear jeans for the rest of my pregnancy, I just couldn't find a flattering pair that didn't make me feel super restricted until a friend recommended Soon Maternity. My first purchase from Soon Maternity was a pair of their maternity shorts, the Heaven Underbelly Denim shorts, a godsend during the summer season. They fit right under the belly which is super comfortable. My love for my Soon Maternity Denim shorts gave me the confidence to purchase some of their maternity jeans. The most important factor I've found when purchasing maternity denim is the waistband and its stretch. All of Soon maternity jeans are super stretchy which has made them wearable for pretty much my full pregnancy.


My favourite pair I’ve purchased are probably my Mid Rise Slim Straight Denim Pants, this wash of denim goes perfectly with a white tee, and the length is great for my favourite pair of sandals or sneakers. The waistband is super stretchy and they fit under my belly which I've found is a super comfortable feature, underbelly jeans put less pressure on my belly and are way cooler which is great on hotter days.

Over belly

If you prefer over the belly maternity jeans my go-to pair has been the Overbelly Skinny Denim Pants, these are Soon maternity signature denim pants. These are full length skinny leg jeans made from a soft stretch material with a waistband for added support and comfort. If you are worried about outgrowing over belly pants, don't panic, Soon Maternity has designed its waistbands to grow with you as your belly grows; it can also be folded down through the earlier stages of your pregnancy. Finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans doesn't need to be overwhelming, Soon Maternity has designed a range that suits a range of needs and body shapes. If you're looking for a new pair of everyday jeans while pregnant, Soon Maternity will have something that's right for you.

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