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Calling all Aquamums - Maternity Swimwear

Calling all Aquamums - Maternity Swimwear

Keeping Fit for 2 but hate walking, yoga or pilates?

Mandy Brearly, a Melbourne based physiotherapist, has been running Aquamums classes since her baby Sebastian was 6 months old. Sebastian is now 21 - how time flies!

Passionate about helping women exercise safely and effectively during pregnancy, we asked Mandy how aqua exercise can benefit pre and post- natal.

“ Exercising in water is absolutely ideal when you are pregnant. The buoyancy of water supports you and allows for a safe low-impact workout It is especially helpful for pregnant women who have back pain or pelvic joint pain. A fantastic safety feature of exercising in the pool is that water helps regulate body temperature so you don’t overheat. And the hydrostatic pressure of water greatly assists the circulation, boosting blood flow and oxygen to the uterus and baby and also helps to reduce the common swelling problems that are associated with pregnancy.

You can get a great workout as the water provides resistance for muscle toning and strengthening. Cardio-fitness is great fun in the pool and everyone loves talking about what’s happening week to week in their pregnancies. All Aquamums instructors are physiotherapists experienced in women’s health. Classes are rebateable on health insurance under “extras”. Classes are located in Armadale, St Kilda, Kew, the City, Cheltenham and Ashburton.
For further information contact Mandy on 98266346 or visit the website

An Aquamums class consists of a 45-minute aqua aerobics workout with specific exercises for the abdominals, the spinal muscles and the pelvic floor and is a fun and comfortable way to keep fit and prepare your body for childbirth. It is also an excellent way of returning to exercise after the birth, allowing your body to recover and strengthen.”

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