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Finding out the gender of your baby is not as simple as being asked and answered. These days, there’s a greater preference for documenting this as a significant moment in your life where the answer is announced or revealed. Whether or not you want to know the gender of your child before they bless the world with their presence is completely up to you. However, that being said - there’s a lot of fun in having your baby’s gender revealed to you and your loved ones before the big day. From sweet and simple, to a little bit over the top - find out some of our favourite Gender Reveal Ideas. Something creative...


Buy pink or blue sparklers, or have a family or friend do it for you - and when the time comes to reveal the gender, gather your family and friends around to light them up all at once.

Lay out a blank, white canvas outside and hand your guests bottles filled with shades of blue & pink paint, or spray paint - ensuring they are wrapped around the outside to hide the colour. Get everybody to spray onto the canvas at once to reveal the gender of the baby. When it’s finished, you’ll have a pretty piece of art to hang up in the nursery.


This would be great for a baby being born around Autumn or Winter time. Have a bonfire going, and when it is time to reveal the gender of the baby - throw in some flame colour-changing chemicals to change the colour of the flame to become pink or blue.

Something sweet... Dessert Reveal

Whether it’s with cakes, cake pops or cupcakes - this is one of the most classic ways to reveal gender. If you don’t want to know the gender until the reveal, simply get your doctor completing your scans to write the gender on a slip of paper and place it into an envelope to pass to a baker, family or friend who is helping plan the gender reveal. Have the inside of the cake dyed or filled with pink or blue coloured cream. Then cut or take a bite to reveal!

Fortune cookies or pinata cookies

Bake or buy fortune cookies with a slip of paper or some blue or pink chocolate revealing the baby’s gender. Alternatively, a creative way is baking ‘pinata’ cookies that are hollow in the middle, and filled with pink or blue candy or chocolate that will reveal the gender when broken.

Baby Dust

Mix together drink mixers with pink or blue powder dye, and fill it in little opaque sachets - labelling it ‘baby dust’. When you’re ready for the reveal, give your guests the packets of pre-made mixers of ‘baby dust’. Get everybody to open it and pour it to a clear drink at once to reveal blue or pink.

Something fun... Scavenger Hunt

This can be played multiple ways, but one way is to separate the teams into ‘Team Girl’ and ‘Team Boy’ - passing each group one clue at the beginning. Each clue will lead them to the next, finally leading them to the destination that will reveal the gender. You can choose this to be a coloured cake in the oven, a balloon pop or whatever else you would like!

Smoke Bomb

Pink or blue smoke bomb can be bought online by yourself or a friend if you want to be surprised. When it comes time for the reveal, set off the smoke bomb to reveal the gender!

Balloon Release

Get a friend or family member who knows the gender to put blue or pink colour balloons into a box either hung up in a tree if you don’t have helium, otherwise simply on a flat surface if the balloons are already filled with helium. When it comes time for the reveal, simply pull the tab or open the box for the coloured balloons to fly or drop out. For extra creativity points, you can even fill the box with other items such as coloured glitter, coloured paper, streamers and so forth if you opt to have the balloons dropping down!

Confetti Poppers

Buy blue or pink filled confetti poppers - and when you’re ready for the reveal, simply pull the trigger to find out! While going through your gender reveal, don’t forget to have your camera out! Whether it’s asking friends or family to snap some memories, getting a close relative on camera duty, or hiring a maternity photographer or videographer for the day, it’s something special that you or your child can look back on in the future. Also, don’t forget to have your family and friends double check that they have the right colour, to save from the embarrassment or confusion. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself - and happy revealing!

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